C M Connell

Richie helped us buy our first home and I cannot say enough positive things about my experience working with him. First, he is extremely accessible. He answered my numerous calls on the first or second ring – every time. He also made himself available around our schedule which, with an infant son, often meant meetings/calls after my son’s bedtime or accommodating his nap and feeding schedules while touring homes. Second, he is extremely knowledgeable. We were first time homebuyers so I had a TON of questions. Richie fielded them all and, when I would apologize for asking so many, he quickly assured me not to worry about it, he was happy to help. Third, Richie is thorough. Yes, he addressed all of my questions but he also went above and beyond to ensure I felt comfortable throughout the entire process – again, as a first time homebuyer this meant a lot to me. Even post-sale we have continued to benefit from Richie’s thoroughness as he has reached out multiple times to make sure our move went okay and that everything was going well in our new home. Fourth, Richie is hardworking. From the beginning to end, Richie was motivated and worked hard for us. Initially, we had a pretty wide search area which meant a lot of driving from house to house but Richie would map out the whole day and spend hours of his weekend with us looking at homes. Then, when it came time for the home inspection, Richie was present the entire time – running all over the house asking our inspector lots of questions and ensuring a thorough job. I was surprised how much he knew about HVAC, plumbing, etc and suspect he now knows more about our house than we do! And finally, Richie is fun. This wasn’t a quality that I thought I wanted in my realtor but after spending multiple weekends together and then talking frequently during the close process, it proved to be an important one and Richie was a pleasure to work with. Richie is a really great realtor and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell a home.

— C M Connell, Buyer