I could not begin to tell you how awesome Larry is. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Larry and his wife (Laura) while asking about a home that had already been sold - as a first-time home buyer myself, Larry was quick to welcome my wife and I into the world of real estate. Within days, he had followed up and connected with us multiple times to introduce us to the overall process as well as provide us with bountiful resources to begin our loan application. I say this with absolutely no exaggeration: Larry is the first real-estate professional to truly LISTEN to our desires and needs and provide us with homes and listings with exactly what we wanted. He came with us to multiple viewings without tiring, conducted vast amounts of research to provide us with as much information as possible, and was incredibly patient with us while explaining each and every detail from scratch (the man knows the business very well!!). Within one to two weeks, Larry showed us our dream home - with crafty maneuvering on a highly demanded listing, he had our contract in front of the sellers and accepted within 2 days. With an aggressive closing date, Larry and his wife were always available to us whether by phone or email. They met with us on multiple occasions to carefully walk us through and explain all the necessary paperwork. Here we are, just a few weeks later, in our dream home. I could not thank Larry and Laura enough for all their support, their kindness, and their patience with us. They made this entire process seamless, enjoyable, and easy. I'm happy to say that we were fortunate enough to meet this dynamic duo.

— Emily, Buyer